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    • After a long winter in their stables the cows are allowed to go outside: for a few seconds each cow starts to ‘dance’, jumping up and down with joy, running around. They only do this once a year and it’s the happiest thing I have ever witnessed ❤️ #springisintheair #dansendekoeien #dancingcows #hoevebiesland  #thingsthatmakemehappy #sorryforthelowqualityvideo
    • Meet my new best friend. We both agree on the basics of style: a nice bow 🎀 is always a good idea, whatever you are wearing. #ilovepinkandbows #aliceinwonderlandthisscaryangelandme #thefinishingtouch #thingsthatmakemesmile #pinacotecanazionaledibologna
    • Pasticcino con le fragoline di bosco ❤️ how I love wild strawberries! They are one of the food things I miss most in Amsterdam. Around 11 or in the afternoon, it’s time to celebrate your day again with beautiful pastry or ‘pasticcino’. #pausapasticcino #fragolinedibosco #gamberinibologna
    • I have no idea what my hand was doing here (waving?) but can you tell I am happy in my natural habitat? #atmyhappiest #imissitaly #growingupwithtwocountriesisnoteasy #okihavegrownupnowbutitisstillnoteasy #bologna
    • The art of the ‘vetrina’, the beautiful display of food as if it were precious jewelry. It is one of my favourite Italian arts, seducing all who walk past (especially me!)... #vetrinebelle #bologna #windowshopping #fooddisplay
    • Little treasures 😍 vintage make-up boxes #bologna #vintageillustration
    • In Italy you celebrate every day with ‘a colazione al bar’: cappuccino e cornetto filled with the most delicious ‘creme’ or jams. The sound of cups, buongiorno e grazie, the smell of coffee and sweets, the art of eating a cornetto with elegance... I can’t think of a better way to start a day! #colazionealbar #bologna
    • ‘Always fill your glass half full, so you will never waste drinking water,’ was the advice of a lovely waitress’ uncle when she was little. How many children are tought to be careful with our resources nowadays? How many grown-ups remember those lessons? These little exchanges of stories and ecperiences are what I love most about traveling. Oh, and the wonderful meal I had at this little osteria is enough for making another trip to Bologna verrrry soon! #osteriailrovescio #bologna #lifelessons #water
    • Il gelato come si deve - ice-cream as  it should be: made with high-quality ingredients, a genuine smile, seasonal fruit, as local as possible. Ice-cream should never look ‘pumped up’ and neither should it leave you thirsty or with a fatty mouth: stay away from those. Grazie @cremeriadazeglio 💕 #bologna
    • The beginning of September already smells of Autumn although I am not yet ready for it: I sort of 'missed' Summer this year and need to make up for it by wearing a bit of sunshine, my armour of happy things made with love: the wonderful 'sweet kiss' or 'snoepmondje' pin which was a collab with @studiomaas & turned up amaaaazing (link in bio 🍬💋), my lemon yellow @lazzaristore coat with cat shaped pockets, and a new version of my favourite earrings by my jewelry hero @benumade with pink polished nails, which I won't probably take off till Spring. •••••••••••••••••••
#itstartedwithaprint #andendedwithakiss #thankyou @motiflow_patterns #illustration #madebymimimou #handmadejewelry by #studiomaas 
#favouritethings #wearyourhappyclothes #whenyoudontfeelthatgreat #lazzari #stationaryaddict #ohthoseearrings