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    • The beginning of September already smells of Autumn although I am not yet ready for it: I sort of 'missed' Summer this year and need to make up for it by wearing a bit of sunshine, my armour of happy things made with love: the wonderful 'sweet kiss' or 'snoepmondje' pin which was a collab with @studiomaas & turned up amaaaazing (link in bio 🍬💋), my lemon yellow @lazzaristore coat with cat shaped pockets, and a new version of my favourite earrings by my jewelry hero @benumade with pink polished nails, which I won't probably take off till Spring. •••••••••••••••••••
#itstartedwithaprint #andendedwithakiss #thankyou @motiflow_patterns #illustration #madebymimimou #handmadejewelry by #studiomaas 
#favouritethings #wearyourhappyclothes #whenyoudontfeelthatgreat #lazzari #stationaryaddict #ohthoseearrings
    • The beauty of travelling is that it displaces you from your routine and comfortable life, which makes you look at everything with fresh new eyes. You go back to learning and savouring the moment. Adeus Lisboa, obrigada for the light ✨ It even feels different to brush my teeth now... (Also because I have bought the best toothbrush in the world there)
#lisbon #farolsantamarta #cascais #comingbackisnotthesameasneverleaving #maybeoneday #postcardpictureseverywhere #ineedabettercamerathanmyphone
    • Lisbon's lesson no 1: how do you know when an avocado is perfectly ripe? You shake it like maracas to feel if its giant pit is loose and dancing around! No pinching or squeezing involved...
    • Live colourful, like the Lisboetas 🌈
#lisbon #colours
    • Ah. The romance of watching a sunset from one of Lisbon's many miradouros... The golden hour highlighting the city's silhouette, the beautiful pine tree and... my arm hair 😳
#lisbon #miradourodagraça #katespade #unromanticromance
    • Drying your washing in the sun and light breeze feels like a luxury when you end up living somewhere cold, rainy and very very windy. This view says 'warm holiday' to me 🍉☀️🌴✨ #itsthelittlethings #lisbon
    • Lisboa. A city with such a gentle and slow pace, full of friendly people who let everyone just be and exist. Even a tiny snail is allowed its piece of the world on a leaf of cabbage in the mercado ♥️
#lavitaebella #lisbon #itsthelittlethings #myfatheralwayssayspickvegetableswithanimalsinit #animalsknowwhichveggiesarethefreshest
    • ...Coucou! Something was hiding underneath my boterham 🕷
My wonderful boyfriend and I have had this toy spider for six years... He always pops up when you least expect it: on a pillow right after opening your sleepy eyes, in the shower hiding behind a shampoo bottle or underneath lunch on April Fools day... Whoever makes the other jump or scream wins: a night off cooking, a cup of tea or a simple kiss. The scream was on me this time...
#truelove needs #toyspiders #itsthelittlethings
    • I feel lucky to have two cultures which I consider my own and to have my roots in a country that considers food the centre of the universe. I feel lucky to have travelled a lot and not only seen beautiful things but to have eaten many delicious dishes too. I always try to speak enough of a language to be able to ask a local 'what should I eat here and where do you love to eat?'. But again and again... nothing compares to the magic of chefs Sandra & Petar at @olive_and_cookie. Their dishes are a feast of taste, textures, memories, colors, smell and love. Every ingredient is allowed to shine and each combination is balanced to perfection. There really is no place where I rather enjoy life while taking it slow, together with people I love. ---
@thisisdavidgelb must come and eat here one day #myfavouriteplace #myfavouriteplaceintheworld #amsterdam #amsterdamtravel #depijp #polenta #ceci #provolone #venkel #chocoladetaart #amandeltaart #bietjes #sunshine #birthdaylunch and #birthdaydinner
    • It's my second day as a 38-year-old and this is how I look like after winning a game of mastermind: not so different as how I looked like after winning as an eight-years-old 😳 It not only proves how age is just a number but also how suuuuuuuper lucky I am to have found friends who love me just the (sometimes annoying) way I am ♥️ #istilllovewinninggamessomuch #whoneedsatv #slightlyembarrassing #myfavouritedress