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    • Pistacchio seeds from Bronte, or 'green gold' as they are called in Sicily. Look at them, sooo pretty and delicious. I remember driving to this little town and eating those enormous bright green ice-creams with my eyes closed. Nowadays you can get anything on 'my' island made with DOP Pistacchio di Bronte, from croissants to arancini (delicious fried rice balls), from pesto to salame... I am so happy @patisserielinnick uses those pistacchi for their macarons and ice-creams: once you taste them, you can never go back! And oooh, those colours... ♥️ PS if you ever come across a bag of them and think 'oh, that is expensive' remember they only bloom once every two years so it is a very special treat from nature!  #sicilianfood #proudofmyisland #pistacchio #bronte #green #enjoythelittlethings
    • No matter how old I am, whenever I see a rainbow coming out of a cloud, I can't help imagining the Care Bears standing together and doing their belly magic 🌈=🐻 #fantasydefyinglogic #carebearstare #rainbows #vondelpark
    • ...a sudden movement of a green waving creature caught my eye while reading this funny & wonderful book... A bookworm! They truly exist! But what do you do with one while standing in a crowded train?? You carefully balance it on your page for an hour, reading the same passage over and over again, get out, try keeping the pages open that the wind wants to shut, cross the road, run towards a bush with your open book and... release it in the wild 💪🏻 #bookworms #ns #geoffdyer #natureinthecity
    • How could anyone resist a smile from Frida Gâteau? Mmm, I could not #petitgateau #favouriteplacesinamsterdam #playingwithfood
    • Every person you see in the street is going somewhere. Where would she go? #storiesareeverywhere
    • My Sicilian nonna was fourteen when she eloped to marry my grandfather, who was 14 years her senior. During the war he served as a fireman and was never home, while my nonna worked long hours at her mother-in-law’s farm while trying to keep her three young sons safe at the same time, like all women do during a war. I have no memories of her sitting down: their kitchen had four chairs and one small stool which says it all. She was always stirring a pan, turning an aubergine, cleaning or ironing a shirt, washing up, working in my grandfather’ shop sewing or mending clothes. In spite of her hard work, she never earned any money: she would do all the groceries and my grandfather would step in at the last moment to pay, which was normal in those days. Her life was simple, she never asked for anything, never complained and always looked happy. Once every two years my grandparents went to Paris to buy  fabrics for making elegant clothes they would sell in their shop. During those trips they would always go to Galeries Lafayette where my nonna, wearing her most beautiful dress, was allowed to pick one lipstick from the Chanel counter. 'Bellissima', my grandfather would then say. It was her most treasured possession and the only moment my grumpy grandfather showed his love for her. Nonna always had an enormous bag which contained just four things: one embroidered handkerchief, a roll-on eau de cologne, a few sticky candies for us children and her Chanel lipstick. Using any window or car mirror to put it on with great care,  it instantly made her feel as glamorous as Sophia Loren, even while ironing 40 shirts. My first lipstick, bought at the same age as when she got married, was of course Chanel. Whenever I hear the clicking sound of a Chanel lipstick closing, I think of her. She would love that. #storiesofordinarywomen #PrettyIconic #IconicBeautyProduct #chanel #gallerieslafayette #sicily #lipstick
    • Minimalism is not really my thing... (How could I NOT need those wonderful manicured hands as earrings??) ❤️💅🏻 @benumade #ilovedressingup #polkadotsforever #happycoat #vondelpark
    • A marathon is something deeply humbling to watch. All you need to be is human to take part:  every age, body length, body shape, nationality, hair colour, if you can move forward, you can take part. Everyone runs with his and her heart, mind and feet focused on not giving up. On giving it all. As I could not cross the street and go home, all I could do was celebrate this experience cheering and eating one of my favourite treats in the world: @patisserielinnick 's macaron ice-cream #amsterdammarathon #macarons #sundaytreat #amsterdam #turnasituationaround #musteat
    • Uhm, what shall I cook tonight...? Oh, thank you, dear Universe! #itsasign #sundaypizza #amsterdam
    • Wondering if this is how it feels to have the world at your feet...? #amsterdam #nightsky #water #essentielantwerp #unisa #clouds