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    • Tralala... I bought myself some beautiful earrings 🍒 juicy and aromatic, exactly like they should taste. Unfortunately they didn’t last so I need to get myself new ones... #deliciousparis #ohilovefruitsomuch #summerishere
    • Isn’t this a lovely way to greenify a city? 🔧DIY from Paris🌱 (as explained by the sweet lady who was watering her street garden):
• take a pvc tube, hooks, plastic pot with plate • drill a hole in the pot and plate • attach the pvc tube to the pavement (slide around a steel bollard) and pot • put earth and plants in it • water as needed :)
Paris gives ‘permis de végétaliser’ to its citizens, could we have that too, @gemeenteamsterdam? 
#streetgarden #greenparis #diy #neverstopbeinginterested
    • As much as I don’t want to look as a tourist while travelling, it’s impossible not to look up continuously while walking in Paris... all those ‘jardins sur les toits’ make my ❤️ go BOUMBOUM. 
#prettyparis #walkingaroundinawe #wishicouldlivethere #eventhecloudslookprettier #jardinssurlestoits
    • Always leave room for dessert as wherever you go, there is a chance of stumbling upon a wonderful parisserie like La Goutte D’or @yann_menguy with a beautiful secret garden in front. If you do, like I did, make sure to enjoy that moment fully, surrounded by equally happy bees and birds ✨  #mmm #sweetparis #jardinpartagemarcadetmontcalm #lagouttedorpatisserie #iatewithmyeyesclosed
    • You are never too old to play • 
A beautiful toy boat was swirling and swooshing on the #canalstmartin, after careful examination I saw a snow white haired monsieur with a controller in his hands and a big smile on his face
#neverforgettoplay #paris #toyboat #quirkyparis
    • Paris smells of flowers wherever you go 🌸 
#paris #mmm #iamnotgoingbacktoamsterdam
    • Put a camera in front of me and I stop acting normal. My grin exposes at least 88 teeth and my eyes disappear in my Shar-pei wrinkles. So this shot, in which I thought some other passenger was going to steal my food (hence my Sicilian hand movement), shows best how to travel in style to Paris, without teeth and wrinkles. By train with the comfortable @thalys, with a delicious dinner by my favourite fine dining vegan @olive_and_cookie and with the only truly Parisian guide from @lestyleparisien. I love citytrips, it’s like living a parallel life for a few days ❤️ ***
#goodbyerainyamsterdambonjoursunnyparis #oliveandcookie #thalys #lestyleparisien #frizzyhairstrikesagain #iswearihadironedmycardigan
    • Remember to play ✨
At the age of 12, a few months after moving from Italy, I clearly remember the moment I picked up my Barbie to play with my sister and had no idea what to do: I had forgotten how to play.
It took me a while but thank goodness this ability came back. I treasure it deeply now💕
📸 @florishovers’ beautiful daily play
@festivaldesignkwartier #denhaag #icecreamcolours #neverforgettoplay
    • When visiting a Greek friend on a hot day, you get Greek coffee of course! Efkaristo, @rania_siona 😘
#kriokafe #mediterraneansknowhowtodealwithheat #amsterdam
    • 🌿 If you happen to be in Amsterdam on Saturday the 9th of June... For one special day, 24 secret urban gardens – usually closed to the public and some even on roofs – will open their gates. There will be trees, flowers, birds and maaaany bees. Passe-partout € 2,50 (children for free). Treasure map/Passe-partout and Identity for @opentuinenwest designed by me. I have worked on this project for many weeks, during days and nights, but did not stop smiling for one moment :) Swipe for a sneak peek of the treasure map ♥️ #opentuinenwest #madebymimimou #plantaplantandchangethecity #groenridders #greenknights #therearealwaysflowersforthosewhowanttoseethem #mimimou