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Wedding B+P

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Juffrouw Jansen


design and styling for an elegant and chic wedding with tongue-in-cheek elements



worked with

Vlinder & Vogel Flowers :: Concierge Amsterdam Coordination & Production

The wedding of Barbara and Peter was a classic, elegant, and intimate affair—with plenty of romantic details and tongue-in-cheeks. There were ribbons in the trees blowing in the wind and pouty lips decorating straws. Hydrangea chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and flowers attached to every mirror.
Enormous balloons standing like guards near the door and even larger ones (which were lit at night) on the grass. Little girls waving with magic wands made from wooden sticks and matching ribbons. The villa was itself amazing, surrounded by enormous trees and a large field, nothing of which I left undecorated…

All you need is a…


… a mix and match of small glasses and field flowers, hydrangea chandeliers, napkin bows, silver candle stands, name cards…


Look how beautiful they were! (thank you, Saskia)


Bottles were attached to sticks with twine and ribbons, filled with a lovely array of flowers and put in the ground along the pathway (25 of them!)


Two large balloons were standing next to the entrance, happily swaying their ribbons in the wind, Geronimo-style. The little girls had magic wands to wave their love to the couple…


… an old postcard album in which to slip the wishes for the bride and groom, a nice alternative for a guestbook.


Do you see all those humongous balloons (1 meter diameter) were lit during the night, to create a magical and surreal effect. Inspired by this photograph of the amazing Tim Walker.


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