Web Design, Creation & Illustration for Grown-Ups with a child in their heart

  • Open Tuinen West

    Open Tuinen West

    [borders] client Open Tuinen West brief Identity and treasure map for the open garden day of Amsterdam West. Key elements: Gardens, flowers, bees, playful. colors worked with Ralph Stuyver :: Rania Siona [/borders] [yellow_box]24 secret urban gardens – usually closed to the public and some even on roofs – will open their gates for the…

  • Gumclub


    [borders] client Gumclub brief Website design & development for an inspirational online magazine for Dutch illustrators. Key elements: playful, clean, stationary, versatile, shoplike options. colors worked with Valesca van Waveren :: Claudi Kessels [/borders] [yellow_box]Super cool new initiative to provide inspiration and advice for Dutch illustrators.[/yellow_box]

  • Isabelle Amé

    Isabelle Amé

    [borders] client Isabelle Amé brief Artwork for EP Zonsondergang. Key elements: Nature, curls, Stevie Nicks, seventies color scheme, ‘a girl and her guitar’. colors worked with Isabelle Amé Photography :: Ton Nieuwenhuizen  [/borders] [yellow_box]Listen to singersongwriter Isabelle Amé’s mesmerizing voice and you will feel sunbeams reaching your heart[/yellow_box]

  • Save the animals

    Save the animals

    [borders] client Plastic Soup Foundation brief Design, illustrate and write a booklet for children that generates awareness about the effect of plastic litter on animal life. colors worked with Multiple contact persons. [/borders] [yellow_box]The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. This booklet…

  • ROCK vastgoed

    ROCK vastgoed

    [borders] client ROCK vastgoed brief Website design & development for a state of the art real estate company based in the center of Amsterdam. New design for returning customer. colors worked with Mirella van Basten :: Vincent Spek :: Thomas van de Werff [/borders] [yellow_box]ROCK has a background in fashion, photography and contracting: every time…

  • Beat the Microbead

    Beat the Microbead

    [borders] client Plastic Soup Foundation brief Website and illustrations for international campaign against microplastic ingredients in cosmetics. colors worked with Maria Westerbos • Yvette van den Brand [/borders] [yellow_box]The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. They have therefore set up the succesfull…

  • Mouthwash in a crystal bottle

    Mouthwash in a crystal bottle

    What better way to spend a lazy sunday morning than walking around on a flea market, if possible abroad, like Paris or London? And how ugly that bottle of mouthwater looks in your bathroom, surrounded by your favourite perfume and shower lotion. How about combining the two? What you get is a beautiful solution: Rummage…

  • Tea for two

    Tea for two

    Surround yourself with what you love I really believe that this is not only a good criterium for leading a happy life but also for making our world healthy again. We are surrounded by so much stuff and so much of it screams to be bought but ends up in cupboards that overflow. Or broken…

  • Mama goes here

    Mama goes here

    [borders] client Mama goes here brief Playful website that portraits parents of diverse creative and cultural backgrounds about their holidays. colors worked with Carlos van Ree :: Valesca van Waveren :: Vala van den Boomen [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Carlos is a father of two little girls and as a parent he had had a firsthand experienced of…

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