About me in detail


Dance with your eyes closed
(I enjoy doing that to old records by Fred Astaire or Walter Wanderley)


Enjoy smelling & eating fruit
How about scooping a papaya or juicing a melon together with avocado? mmm


London, honey, I love you
A home doesn’t necessarily have to be one specific building. Especially when you grow up within two cultures, it’s important to find your own third one.


Not all those who wander are lost
Those who are wearing beautiful shoes in particular (my favourite brands: Unisa, Chie Mihara, Miss Albright)


Be playful
Never stop playing. I have a plastic spider which I hide all over the house.


What will it be today?
Is it a coffee maker or a plant pot? Things are what you want them to be.


Travel as much as possible

Find places that sparkle stories and creativity, whether that means taking a plane to NY, or a train to an unknown destination.


Surround yourself with plants
The plant world is an endless source of inspiration. Plus, they are relaxers!


Never stop dressing up
I am a firm believer of using fashion as a way of ‘decorating’ your day. When my dress looks like fun, I am sure my day will be too.


Unwind before going to sleep
My boyfriend reads us stories from children’s books and it truly empties your mind from worries and fills it with wonder.


Make stuff with your hands
I have recently discovered ceramics and it’s great. It’s as if your moulding an idea with your fingers.


Make every moment count
Be super conscious of your choices and the moment you are living.


Why fit in when you are born to stand out?
Escape the ordinary and live the extraordinary.


Anyone can use a crayon
Be nice to a stranger. Add a bit of color to his or her day, it makes a difference.


Surround yourself with people & things you love
From your best friends to a loved one and a pet, from products in pretty packaging to soft bed sheets and fresh fruit.


Look for adventure around every corner
Stay curious. You just never know what life will bring you


Vintage kitchen appliancesOne day, I will start a museum. There is a rule: always use what you have, at least once a week.


Life can sprout out of anything!Think carrot tops, onion ends, salad bottoms… Anything you usually throw in the bin.


Make simple things important
A vintage Italian cup for him, an old doll’s china cup for her.


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