Born in Sicily, Amsterdam-based, frequent London traveler. I enjoy creating things, growing my own vegetables and paying attention to the smallest details and funny everyday situations.

When I was a little girl, I adored polka dots, small fish swimming in the sea and lemon peel. I also believed in magic. I believed I had the power to change the world and make everybody happy.

It took me a while to realize I really do have those ‘magic powers’: I love writing, drawing and making things. What I do, makes people smile with their heart. I am a designer and professional enthusiast. This is the core of Mimimou.



I dreamed of becoming a rocketship engineer when I was little, but ended up majoring in European literature during college. After a career in pop media, I am now a creative consultant, graphic designer and illustrator. Mimimou celebrates the art of turning the mundane into the fun.

I haven’t reached the sun or the moon yet. Not even a cloud. But I am working on it, little by little, one small step a day.


I believe in work/play balance. I believe in upcycling, it sparkles new ideas and is an antidote to consumerism. I believe in DIY , most of my furniture is homemade and every time I want something new, I have a go at making it myself. I believe coffee made with love makes me a happier person. I don’t have time to watch TV and have not had one since the age of 17. I believe there is something special about notebooks and stationery. I smile when I walk around and will always help an old lady crossing the street, feed hungry birds and write ‘hello!’ on blurred window panes. I believe change can happen any day.

Giant poodles, smelly or mean people.