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Best friends’ book

Concept • Illustration • Graphic design


Hannah Koorenman


A very special gift to celebrate a friendship between two very different friends. Anything was possible.



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Sometimes opposites attract, like Hannah and Iris. They became friends at school but soon their lives started going in very different directions. But they stayed friends. After 20 years of ‘best friendship’ there is only one good way to celebrate your love for each other loveliness and each other otherness with a smile:
with a book designed like a children’s book ‘spot the difference’. Hannah came to me asking for ‘anything special’, loved the concept straight away, and the outcome. Both friends were super mega extremely happy with the result.

two best friends…

Jij en ik_cover

… with a different lovelife…

Jij en ik_liefde

… a different concept of the word ‘holiday’…

Jij en ik_vakantie

… an entirely different view on coffee…

Jij en ik_koffie

… and noninterchangeable agenda’s…

Jij en ik_agenda

… but both regarding each other as their best friend, for ever.

Jij en ik_wij

And yes, they lived happily ever after.