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Happy living room

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Living Room by Mimimou

A table that hides things, a pouf to put my feet up after a long day, a couple of matching pillows and a happy carpet: I am so happy with how a few purchases can make you feel as if you have moved house!

Living Room Menu Oyoy

  1. Turning Table by Theresa Arns for Menu: the easiest way to keep the living room nice and tidy. A word of advice: turning the table is addicting!
    Buy here
  2. Cardboard lamp shade by Props & Backdrops, made to order by the lovely Viola, sliding installation by Leew and Mimimou
  3. Sofa The Rits by Bertjan Pot. Pinterest had slightly blinded me for a while, so after saving enough to buy this sofa, it turned out to be slightly uncomfortable to sit on. After a year, we had decided to sell her with pain in my heart but inspired by my love for the fifties we actually took it off the market and asked artist Tije de Jong to shorten its tapered metal legs at the top to recreate a mid-century shape. The super perpendicular shape was transformed in a more natural slope which made the sofa super comfortable and inviting!
  4. Candle Torch large in coral by Petit Friture. I just fell in love with its quirkiness during a weekend in Brussels in the must-visit shop La Fabrika.
  5. Landscape‘ pillow by Leah Duncan. It is screen printed with water-based yellow, blue, teal and pink ink on soft 100% off-white linen. I could not find an image of mine but here you see the ‘Morse code‘ design which is on top of my must-buy list too.
  6. There are things we only buy as a gift for someone else. Like a beautiful screen-printed matchbox. I wouldn’t even dare to put it on a wish list. But when I received this sweet and lovely gift from fashion designer Lisan Groters, I sighed of happiness. This square little box makes the ritual of putting the candles on in the evening something I now cherish. Thank you, dear Lisan. If you want to make someone happy, go and buy one.
  7. My favourite shop in Amsterdam, Leafde, is no longer open but every time I cuddle on the sofa with this warm and soft wool blanket from Lapuan Kankurit, I think of them. The shop closed because we are shopping more online than visiting the shops in our cities. Because we prefer buying ten cheap things from Zara, H&M or Tiger instead of one beautiful, durable item made from natural materials, with care and love. This blanket reminds me how important it is that we surround ourselves with people AND things that make us and the world happy. Or as Marie Kondo would say ‘things that spark joy’.
  8. Pouf Sit On Me Off White Round by OYOY: you can sit comfortably on the pouf, put a tray on it , move it around easily through its lovely leather handle and use it to put your feet up. A pouf like this is IDEAL to make a house kids proof and if kids are not on your mind, you should buy it too. OYOY is a very nice company too. Bought from here in Holland but pick’n choose from any of these depending on where you live.

PS The lovely elephant jar was given to me as a gift by the bubbly and inspiring Lottaland, the ceramic coasters are made by me, the mug is one my favourites made by Höganäs Keramik, the yellow plant pot is an old pudding form and the rug is from Anthropologie!