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modepopje #4: Orla Kiely

Modepopje 4 | Mimimou
Our bodies are all shaped differently. That is why it’s important to know what looks good on you, and not what is in fashion. Style is something personal and is all about having fun with a good-fitting wardrobe. Sometimes there is a clash between things you like and things that make you look like the most beautiful version of you. My clothes clash: cute, doll-like sixties a-shaped dresses. If possible with large buttons and a humongous collar. Yeah. I love those. But these dresses only look great on O-shaped girls (‘apples’) with skinny legs. They should never be worn by girls with a petit upper body and ‘strong’ (let’s call them that, it sounds nice) legs.

But at least I can still draw them. In coral. With dark tights and matching booties. Mmm…

Dress inspired by Orla Kiely (yes, I own this one…) :: shoes by Pierre Darre’