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  • Isabelle Amé

    Isabelle Amé

    [borders] client Isabelle Amé brief Artwork for EP Zonsondergang. Key elements: Nature, curls, Stevie Nicks, seventies color scheme, ‘a girl and her guitar’. colors worked with Isabelle Amé Photography :: Ton Nieuwenhuizen  [/borders] [yellow_box]Listen to singersongwriter Isabelle Amé’s mesmerizing voice and you will feel sunbeams reaching your heart[/yellow_box]

  • The Sunshine Parade

    The Sunshine Parade

    [borders] client The Sunshine Parade brief Fun, fifties, illustration, the contagious feeling of happiness colors worked with Backbeat :: Erik van der Hoff :: Wisseloord Studios [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]’We want to make the world a better place, through music, and share happiness with whomever wants to listen,’ when I was approached with these words, I knew…

  • Sing me a song

    Sing me a song

    [borders] client Sherry Dyanne brief Personal, handmade illustrations, sweet, dreamy colors worked with Pulse Management :: Sherry Dyanne Production [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]When Sherry sings, everyone stops breathing: her voice is amazing, full of complexity, love and life. That’s what I wanted to show on the album cover, [/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]how the concept of the hand kiss blowing music…

  • Dirty Wonderful Mistake

    Dirty Wonderful Mistake

    [borders] client Anny brief Dirty Wonderful Mistake colors worked with Isabel Nabuurs Photography :: Backbeat Music Coordination & Production [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]After a long day of shooting, this image came along: isn’t this the most perfect wink you have ever seen?[/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last] It’s also 100% Anny, always brimming with positive energy and with an impressive voice which will leave…

  • Here & Now

    Here & Now

    [borders] client Anny brief Here & Now colors worked with Isabel Nabuurs Photography :: Backbeat Music Coordination & Production [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Anny is a very talented singer with an amazing voice, full of power and great energy. All branding and artwork has to reflect this. [/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]I also think (and I am sure her fans will agree with me)…