Category: Graphic Design

  • Open Tuinen West

    Open Tuinen West

    [borders] client Open Tuinen West brief Identity and treasure map for the open garden day of Amsterdam West. Key elements: Gardens, flowers, bees, playful. colors worked with Ralph Stuyver :: Rania Siona [/borders] [yellow_box]24 secret urban gardens – usually closed to the public and some even on roofs – will open their gates for the…

  • Isabelle Amé

    Isabelle Amé

    [borders] client Isabelle Amé brief Artwork for EP Zonsondergang. Key elements: Nature, curls, Stevie Nicks, seventies color scheme, ‘a girl and her guitar’. colors worked with Isabelle Amé Photography :: Ton Nieuwenhuizen  [/borders] [yellow_box]Listen to singersongwriter Isabelle Amé’s mesmerizing voice and you will feel sunbeams reaching your heart[/yellow_box]

  • Save the animals

    Save the animals

    [borders] client Plastic Soup Foundation brief Design, illustrate and write a booklet for children that generates awareness about the effect of plastic litter on animal life. colors worked with Multiple contact persons. [/borders] [yellow_box]The Plastic Soup Foundation wants to put an end to the increasing pollution of the seas and oceans with plastics. This booklet…

  • Libelle forum icons

    Libelle forum icons

    [borders] client Libelle brief I had already designed the new website for Holland’s most loved media brand Libelle and I was also the lucky one who got to create their new forum icons. colors worked with Cilla Tibbe :: Daniëlle Wolf :: Benthe Kuijpers [/borders] Libelle has a strong identity but manages to stay relevant…

  • KTC magazine

    KTC magazine

    [borders] client koffieTcacao magazine brief With the same amount of coffee ground, you can achieve three different espresso recipes. Illustration of the process with an infographic. colors worked with Frans Goddijn :: Jan van der Weel [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Jan and Frans write about coffee. They are so passionate in their wanting to understand the world of…

  • Website roundup

    Website roundup

    [borders] brief a selection of site projects in random order [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Have you ever heard of a Oh La La website? That is what you get when you let Mimimou take care of your website. It is the sum of taking care of all your wishes plus a lot more.[/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last] My speciality? Inspiring and coaching…

  • The Sunshine Parade

    The Sunshine Parade

    [borders] client The Sunshine Parade brief Fun, fifties, illustration, the contagious feeling of happiness colors worked with Backbeat :: Erik van der Hoff :: Wisseloord Studios [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]’We want to make the world a better place, through music, and share happiness with whomever wants to listen,’ when I was approached with these words, I knew…