Category: Graphic Design

  • Best friends’ book

    Best friends’ book

    [borders] client Hannah Koorenman brief A very special gift to celebrate a friendship between two very different friends. Anything was possible. colors printed by Blurb [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Sometimes opposites attract, like Hannah and Iris. They became friends at school but soon their lives started going in very different directions. But they stayed friends. After 20 years…

  • Trijntje Oosterhuis

    Trijntje Oosterhuis

    [borders] client Trijntje Oosterhuis / Pulse Management brief Demure and simple, aimed at a very broad audience colors worked with Carin Verbruggen Photographer [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Trijntje Oosterhuis is a wonderful Dutch pop and jazz singer. For her 2011 Tour, Trijntje needed a poster aimed at her very broad audience,[/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last] which would fit a theatre with red…

  • Loving your hair

    Loving your hair

    [borders] client Sprottje brief Based on Sprottje’s logo creating a ‘I want to be there!’-invitation for Felicia Leatherwood‘s workshop colors worked with Sprottje Event organizer • Felicia Leatherwood Speaker [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]As Felicia Leatherwood’s workshop was all about natural hair, I updated Sprottje’s braids with a lovely afro and used that a symbol throughout the branding.[/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]The…

  • Wedding: Kim & Jonas

    Wedding: Kim & Jonas

    [borders] client Kim & Jonas brief Holland & Denmark, a picture of the moment right after the proposal, their enormous happines, love for each other and their families colors [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]The marriage of two of the loveliest people I know and I was the lucky designer who was allowed to take care of the invitations.…

  • Gemaakt door Oma

    Gemaakt door Oma

    [borders] client Gemaakt door Oma brief design based on wireframe of existing website, handmade feeling but not too much colors [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Gemaakt door Oma is a eshop selling handmade products. But not made by anyone: no, only grannies’ hands are allowed… How sweet is that? [/two_columns_one][two_columns_one_last]The ladies behind this concept are the amazing Baudien Bosma…

  • Printed things

    Printed things

    [borders] brief a few of my favourite printed things [/borders] [yellow_box]  You would like to be reach your audience and have no idea how to proceed OR do you know exactly what you need, whether it’s a gift card, a flyer or poster? Get in touch and we will turn your wish into something fun…

  • Wedding H+H

    Wedding H+H

    [borders] client H & H brief Fun, illustrations, girl asks boy, unconventional, rock’n roll in a sweet way colors [/borders] [yellow_box] Based on their real life personas and (sun)glasses, I designed a wedding invitation ‘within’ the illustration of the couple. [/yellow_box]

  • Styled by Linda

    Styled by Linda

    [borders] client Linda de Mey brief Styled by Linda is a professional wardrobe stylist focused on personal style who had a book coming out and no online presence colors [/borders] [yellow_box] [two_columns_one]Styled by Linda can be hired privately or for events, like in-house training of work staff or fashion evenings. As she focuses on personal…