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Pump up the (hair) volume

L'Oréal Paris' Elvive Fibrology
Ah, you Disney Princesses, because of you I have always wanted to have long hair. As hairdressers tend to chop more than you ask them to, it took me five long years of cutting it myself. It turns out my hair is so thin it tends to dance in solo frizzy strings around my head instead of lovely bouncing on my hips. I am a sucker for hair products, as long as it promises to de-frizz hair and give it thickness, I buy it. One thing I have learned? They never work. Perhaps on other people’s hair but mine is every time an exception.

The lovely Sali Hughes is one of the few beauty people I trust completely. When she wrote about a new line from L’Oréal which was supposed to make your hair thicker after one wash, I almost ran to the shop.

I have only bought the conditioner so far as the shampoo contains SLS (baaad for your hair) and yes. It works. My goodness, it works so well. My hair bounces on my hips, it gets less tangled, it seriously looked as if it has doubled in size. Oh, yes, I am officially in love with L’Oréal Paris’ Elvive Fibrology (or Full Fiber, as it is called in the Netherlands). You will too.

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