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Star your day with a smile, eat granola

Granola intro image When you live in a big city, you start doing things which your friends who do not live in a big city, might regard as odd. In London my weekends were filled with farmer’s markets and swimming: I started my day at 6am with an hour swimming after which I rewarded myself with a big bowl of granola from La Fromagerie. Upon leaving the city, I begged them for their recipe, and upon this day, although I have tweaked it a lot since, I still make a big batch of granola two times a week. My boyfriend starts all his days with it, it’s so healthy and filling that it keeps him from snacking until 1pm.
Mmm_post2As I make so much granola, I usually buy my ingredients from a miller; you can also get good quality nuts at a reasonable price from one of those lovely Arab supermarkets where they are sold per weight. Mmm_post3It doesn’t matter which sweetener you use but do experiment with it, as it changes the taste of your granola. Family and friends usually prefer the maple syrup granola so I tend to use that. The only thing you need to keep in mind is the ration between your grain of choice, oil and sweetener. Other than that, you can go as crazy as you want.Mmm_post4