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  • Pretty Honest

    Pretty Honest

    Put your favourite red on, pour yourself a cosy drink and turn off your phone: I promise you will not want to put Pretty Honest down. All my best friends, beloved family and as soon as my niece enters her teen, she too, they will ALL get a copy of Sali Hughes’s book, my beloved…

  • Best friends’ book

    Best friends’ book

    [borders] client Hannah Koorenman brief A very special gift to celebrate a friendship between two very different friends. Anything was possible. colors printed by Blurb [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]Sometimes opposites attract, like Hannah and Iris. They became friends at school but soon their lives started going in very different directions. But they stayed friends. After 20 years…

  • The Bride’s Bible

    The Bride’s Bible

    [borders] client Scriptum Uitgeverij brief Not too much fuss, merengue pie-sweetness or cuteness. colors worked with Esther Werkt Design • Elles Beijers & Hanneke Seesing Authors [/borders] [yellow_box][two_columns_one]The most practical, humorously written and complete guide to your wedding. Or your best friend’s. I was honored to illustrate this encyclopedia of marriage with a total of 10…