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  • Manicured hanger

    Manicured hanger

    This must be the easiest DIY on earth. Inspired by Sali Hughes and every perfectly manicured woman on the planet. You will need: nailpolish in your favourite color (mine is Colour Lacquer by Guerlain in La Parisienne red), a plain white ceramic hanger with finger like hooks (you can find a similar one here), a…

  • What to do with a carrot?

    What to do with a carrot?

    Yes, you can prepare it in many splendid ways, like Green Kitchen Stories’ baked carrot cake oatmeal, Aida Mollenkamp’s delicious carrot hummus or a simple carrot juice with some grated ginger. It’s supposed to work wonders on your skin too, just type in ‘face mask carrot’ on youtube and you will get hits like this.…

  • Summer sleigh bells

    Summer sleigh bells

    Monday and Thursday evenings are fun, in Amsterdam. Everyone puts out the garbage and with it many unwanted objects. Think antique cupboards, vintage chairs and wooden toys. It’s fun, really fun. Especially if you are like me and can think of a million things you could do with, let’s say, a simple wooden box. My…

  • Where do I store all my fruit and vegetables?

    Where do I store all my fruit and vegetables?

    Growing up in Italy, I was brought up with vegetables and fruit. As a child, I was thought how to to pick up the ripest tomatoes (smell) and the sweetest melons (smell, look, weight and tap). We were also supposed to know all different variaties of a tomato and which one to use when (salad,…

  • Make: Kokedama

    Make: Kokedama

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