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Tear proof make-up

rainy day
It’s inevitable. We all cry sometimes. Especially the crying we do when losing someone we love, can affect our daily routine a lot. I am not an advocate of painting yourself a mask of happiness but there are a few things you can do if you really have to literally face others.

1 Apply a tinted moisturizer to even out your skin and get rid of some of the redness (Laura Mercier) 2 dab on a few drops of a liquid blusher, in my experience it doesn’t show ‘streams’ of tears which is good plus it takes 5 seconds to apply and no fuss (Benefit) 3 Extremely important: use a smudge-free mascara. You can remove this with warm water but it will never leave black marks on your skin, it simply dissolves in small black crumbs which are almost invisible after a good cry (Estée Lauder) 4 Lipstick needs too much care and maintenance so I would always opt for a gloss. This one smells good, looks natural and stays on for a long time after which it simply dissolves little by little (MAC)